Who We Are

ASEAN+3 FETN is under the umbrella of ASEAN Secretariat and an extension of the ASEAN Experts Group on Communicable Diseases Plus Three's (AEGCD+3) Medium Term Plan. In July 2011, ASEAN+3 FETN received endorsement from the ASEAN+3 Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development. ASEAN+3 FETN meets the following health elements under the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint: establish/strengthen/maintain regional support system and network to narrow the gap among ASEAN Member States in addressing emerging infectious diseases and other communicable diseases; promote the sharing of best practices in improving the access to primary health care by people at risk/vulnerable groups, with special attention to HIV and AIDS, malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis, and EIDs through regional workshops, seminars, and exchange visits among the ASEAN Member States; strengthen regional clinical expertise through professional organizations networks, regional research institution, exchange of expertise and information sharing; and strengthen cooperation through sharing of information and experiences to prevent and control infectious diseases related to global warming, climate change, natural and man-made disasters.

ASEAN Plus Three Field Epidemiology Training Network (ASEAN+3 FETN) Members include Program Directors and the Authorities of field epidemiology training programs in ASEAN Member States and Plus Three Countries: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. Dialogue partners include organizations and networks such as the World Health Organization, Rockefeller Foundation, and Nuclear Threat Initiative.

  Designated Focal Points for ASEAN+3 FETN


Dr. Hj Md Khalifah Pg Hj Ismail
Act. Director General of Health Services
Department of Health Services
Ministry of Health
Email: khalifah.ismail@moh.gov.bn

Dr. Hj Ahmad Fakhri DP Hj Junaidi
Head of Disease Control Division
Department of Health Services.
Ministry of Health
Email: fakhri.junaidi@moh.gov.bn


Dr. Sok Touch
Director of Communicable Disease Control Dept.
Ministry of Health
Email: touch358@online.com.kh; chhanly@yahoo.com

Dr. Bun Sreng
Chief of Disease Prevention and Control Bureau
Ministry of Health
Email: bun_sreng72@yahoo.com; bunsreng88@gmail.com


Dr. Guang Zeng
Chief Epidemiologist in Chinese Center for
Disease Control and Prevention
Email: zeng4605@vip.sina.com


Dr. Andi Muhadir, MPH
Director of Surveillance, Immunization, Quarantine and "Matra" Health
Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health
Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia
Email : a.muhadir@yahoo.com


Dr. Kazunori Oishi
Director, Infectious Disease Surveillance Center
Program Director, FETP Japan
National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan
Email: oishik@nih.go.jp

Dr. Koji Nabae
Deputy Director
Tuberculosis and Infectious Disease Control Division Health Service Bureau
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Japanese Government
E-mail: nabae-koji@mhlw.go.jp

Focal Point Representative:
Dr. Kazutoshi Nakashima

Coordinator of FETP-Japan/Senior Researcher,
Infectious Disease Surveillance Center
E-mail: knakashi@nih.go.jp


Dr. Bounlay Phommasack
Deputy Director General of DOHP, Director of
FET Lao Project, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR
Email: bphommasack@gmail.com

Dr. Nyphonh Chanthakoummane
Senior Technical Officer, Coordinator of
FET Lao Project, DOHP, Ministry of Health, Lao PDR
Email: mbdslaos@yahoo.com; nyphonh@theglobalfundlao.org


Dr. Chong Chee Kheong
Director of Disease Control
Disease Control Division
Ministry of Health Malaysia
Email: drchongck@moh.gov.my

Dr. Fadzilah bt Kamaludin
Director of EIP Malaysia
Training Division
Institute of Public Health
Email: fadzilah@iku.moh.gov.my


Prof. Soe Lwin Nyein
Director (Epidemiology)
Central Epidemiology Unit
Department of Health
Ministry of Health
Email: drslnyein@gmail.com; ceuepidoh@gmail.com

Dr. Htun Tin
Assistant Director (Epidemiology), Central Epidemiology Unit
Department of Health
Ministry of Health, Myanmar
E-mail: htuntin.dr@googlemail.com


Dr. Enrique A. Tayag
Assistant Secretary of Health
Head, Support to Service Delivery Technical Cluster
Director of National Epidemiology Center,
Department of Health Compound
Email: erictayag4health@yahoo.com; ericTayag4health@gmail.com

Dr. Ma Nemia L. Sucaldito
Chief of Applied Public Health Division
National Epidemiology Center
Email: manemia_sucaldito@yahoo.com


Dr. Seung-Ki Youn
Director, Epidemiological Investigation Division, KCDC
Email : yunki33@knmh.go.kr; yunki7777@naver.com

Dr. Jin Gwack
FETP, Coordinator
Medical Officer, KCDC
Email : eis@korea.kr


Dr. Ooi Peng Lim
Singapore FETP
Adj. Associate Professor &
Deputy Director (Policy & Control)
Communicable Diseases Division
Ministry of Health Singapore
Email: OOI_Peng_Lim@moh.gov.sg

Dr. Pengiran Hishamuddin
Assistant Coordinator
Singapore FETP
Assistant Director (Surveillance & Response)
Communicable Diseases Division
Ministry of Health Singapore
Email: Hishamuddin_BADARUDDIN@moh.gov.sg


Dr. Kumnuan Ungchusak
Senior Expert Preventive Medicine, (Epidemiology)
Department of Disease Control
Ministry of Public Health
Email: kum.ungchusak@gmail.com

Dr. Sopon Iamsirithaworn
Medical Epidemiologist, Senior Professional Level
Bureau of Epidemiology
Department of Disease Control
Ministry of Public Health
Email: iamsiri@gmail.com; iamsiri@yahoo.com


Dr. Phan Trong Lan
Deputy Director, General of Preventive Medicine
Ministry of Health Vietnam
Email. : ptlan2000@yahoo.com

Dr. Vu Ngoc Long
Deputy Head, Division of Communicable Disease Control,
General Dept. of Preventive Medicine,
Ministry of Health Vietnam
Email: longvutb@gmail.com